Private Investigator Marin

Private Investigator MarinAre you seeking a private investigator in Marin? Based in the Bay Area, Domestic Solutions has worked extensively throughout Marin County, investigating criminal background checks and surveillance. If you are an attorney, an employer, or an individual seeking a private investigator serving Marin for criminal background checks, surveillance, and other private investigator services, Domestic Solutions is here to assist.

Sometimes the person you are dealing with is “too good to be true”, and your intuition raises a warning flag. Your intuition is not to be ignored, for it can often be right. When you are unsure of the true background of a potential employee, a new love interest, or any person that may be handling corporate or personal finances in Marin County, it is wise to have a private investigator perform criminal background checks and, if necessary, hourly surveillance.

If you suspect something is not quite right in Marin and you want to quickly find the answers to your questions, contact our private investigator team for a free consultation at 888-786-3269. Or, if you prefer to do a Free 15 minute analysis, contact Domestic Solutions, proudly serving Marin County.

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