Polygraph Exam


Do you ever have that feeling that you are being lied to? There is one simple solution to that, a polygraph test. Many know this as a “lie detector” and it has been designed to detect and record any form of deception. Many theories lean towards lies causing stress for the person doing the lying and therefore the polygraph test will be able to detect such changes in someone.

During the polygraph examination a private investigator will attach several different sensors the person’s body. The test will measure changes in the breathing, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration. It will then record the data as the subject answers questions during the examination. The investigator will examine the pattern that is printed while the subject is being asked such questions. While the polygraph machine itself will provide the data, the core of the test relies on the examiners skill as an interviewer and their ability to analyze cognitive data displayed by the subject during the exam.

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