Choosing an Investigator

Choose An InvestigatorIn the state of California, there are nearly ten thousand licensed private investigators. Not every investigator conducts surveillance. Not every investigator knows what he or she is doing in the domestic surveillance field. Just as there are hundreds of different specialty in the medical field; there are a variety of specializations in the field of private investigation. You wouldn’t ask a chiropractor to perform your heart surgery so why just dial any number in the phone book when looking for the right investigator.

First thing to ask is are they licensed and insured. New industry standards require that investigators carry 2 million dollars in aggregate coverage for General Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance. Ask for copy of their insurance policy. Ask for a copy of their business and BSIS license to make sure they are current.

Ask to ensure that the company you chose has investigators who specialize in surveillance. What is their background? How many cases have they performed? How is their product delivered, in DVD or VHS. If they are still only using VHS you better question if this company is up to date with the times.

There are many privacy laws that need to be taken into consideration when conducting an infidelity investigation. Be informed and know what you are asking for before you hire an investigator. Also make sure they know what the laws are. Again, ask if they have a significant amount of experience in this field.

Finally, it is important to ask if the company you are hiring is an independent operation; meaning are they a sole operator? A sole operator, also known as a “one pony show” often doesn’t have resources to get the job done in a complicated case. You are better off with a company that uses highly trained employee and affiliate investigators. This is work they do on a daily basis and have the experience and resources to get results.

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