Cheating Partner

Cheating Spouse

Do you think that you have a cheating partner? If so, Domestic Solutions may be able to help. Our cheating spouse investigation service can help put an end to all of your questions. Being the victim of infidelity can be one of the most painful and devastating experiences that a person can go through in their life. Having suspicions, but not really knowing if you have a cheating partner can be equally painful. Our investigators have the skills and experience to assist our clients in overcoming this very emotional ordeal and helping them to move on with their life. For many of our clients, having clear proof is all they need.

Domestic Solutions is dedicated to going the extra mile in order to help you through this hard time in your life. Some recent studies have shown that 75% of the people who suspect that their partner is cheating on them are usually correct. Our team will walk you through the typical signs of a cheating partner and work from there in order to help you obtain the evidence you need to get answers. Since domestic related cases are often emotionally draining on our client, we realize that it’s important to find a speedy resolution so the healing process can begin. Domestic Solutions is the Bay Area’s top choice for cheating spouse investigation services. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


Signs of a Cheating Spouse


  • Lack of, or renewed interest in sexual activity
  • Sudden change in appearance; weight loss, new clothing or change in way he/she dresses
  • hang up phone calls, especially late at night
  • Keeps cell phone on silent or off when they never used to in the past
  • Unexplained absences
  • Constantly working late and/or higher frequency in business trips
  • Your gut feeling something is up (intuition is real)
  • He or she says “you’re crazy” when confronted.
  • Phone bill or credit card bill not showing up at home
  • Excessive use of internet or email; unrecognized email handle or account
  • Loses interest in sex life
  • Arguments increase in frequency and he/she leaves for extended periods of time
  • Walks out of room during phone calls (should be in conjunction with other signs)

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